Tips For Ensuring You Get Your Workers' Compensation Benefits

Workers' compensation is a benefit provided to people who get injured or become ill on the job. It helps to cover your medical expenses and lost income as a result of the injury. Here are some tips for applying for your benefits and increasing the chances of getting what you deserve.

Report the Injury Immediately

There is a high chance of your employer rejecting your claim if you don't report it right away. They need to know what the injury is, how it happened, and who was there to witness the injury. Injuries due to mechanical issues, for example, are often due to faulty machinery. The employer needs to investigate the situation and make sure nobody else makes the same mistake. After reporting the injury, the employer will likely inform you of how to file your claim for workers' compensation benefits and let you know how to get medical treatment for the injury. If the injury is a repetitive motion injury, inform the employer of what you have done so far to try to improve it but that nothing has worked and you now need medical assistance.

Don't Wait Too Long to File the Claim

With workers' compensation, you can't delay filing your claim. After seeking medical help, you need to get proper documentation from the doctor, then file the claim promptly. There are usually time limits of when you can file the claim and get benefits, so if you wait too long, you might miss your chance. If you are delaying because you're not sure exactly how to fill out the paperwork, hire a workers' compensation attorney. They specialise in these cases and can get you to file it correctly and on time.

File An Appeal if You Are Denied Benefits

If you get a letter that states you are being denied workers' compensation benefits, don't just assume you can't get them. The letter should indicate information about why you were denied and how to file an appeal. There is no harm in filing an appeal, so it is highly recommended. Try to include information that resolves the issue the workers' compensation insurance company had with your original claim. Perhaps you need more doctor's documentation of your injuries, your employer needs to provide them information, or you failed to fill out part of the claim paperwork. At this point, getting a lawyer is necessary so you can ensure it is done correctly for the appeal.