Buying Business Insurance — 4 Vital Aspects to Consider

Whichever business you plan to start, it's most likely you'll need some financial coverage. But where exactly do you start? While you'll wish to have affordable monthly premiums, it's imperative to pick reasonable levels of insurance coverage. So, what should you consider first before doing your search? Read on for four crucial aspects to keep in mind when buying business insurance. Your Industry The type of industry your business operates in will define the insurance coverage to buy. [Read More]

Understanding Business Insurance

Entrepreneurs should take important steps prior to starting a business; they should have a business plan, get financing and purchase insurance. However, once they start looking for business insurance, they could become confused because of the options available. It can become overwhelming, especially for the ones who have never bought one before. Business insurance helps you meet the legal requirements, minimise risk exposure and save money. There are several tips you can use when you are looking for business insurance. [Read More]

Trades Insurance: Do You Need New for Old Cover on Your Tools?

As a tradie your tools are very important to your business. If your tools are stolen or damaged, then you simply can't do your job; buying replacements can be expensive. Luckily, you can insure your tools as part of your general trades business insurance. So, if you do need to get new tools then you'll at least have an insurance payment to cover the cost. Before you choose a policy, you do need to check what kind of payment you'll get. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Non-Owners Car Insurance

If you don't currently own a vehicle, but you often borrow or rent one, you might be a good candidate for non-owners car insurance. This type of insurance policy is only for people who do not own a vehicle but occasionally use a car or truck for personal use. It includes many of the same types of coverage a regular auto insurance policy will cover, though there are some exceptions. Here are some things to know about this type of policy. [Read More]